Gutter System

When deciding to get a new seamless gutter system there are a few factors to look at. We offer many colors and a variety of sizes and materials to ensure that the system is pleasing to the eye and functions at its full potential. Whether you want a cost effective solution or want to make your home the talk of the neighborhood there are many options to think about. JCH Seamless Gutters Inc. will personally work with you to make sure everything is to your liking and is aesthetically pleasing.

Underground Drainage

If you are having trouble keeping water away from your home’s foundation or Underground drainage or do not like underground drainagethe looks of a downspout extension we have the solution, underground drainage. We develop this system by placing pipe underground, either 4-inch PVC pipe for straight runs or 4-inch corrugated piping if the topography calls for it. We then install downspout adapters that land just above the surface. At this point, the downspouts meet and connect, carrying the water flow underground. The system will carry the water as far as it needs to go to keep it from pooling. These systems look good and will bring piece of mind that your foundation is safe.

Gutter Repairs

Over time gutters can begin to stop flowing. This can occur due to houses settling, brackets breaking, spikes Gutter gutter repairsrepair coming loose, and general neglect. JCH Seamless Gutters inc. will realign your gutters making them flow like new.

Leaks are a major problem and can cause foundation erosion or water damage to your siding and fascia. If leaks occur we can caulk the leaky seam or replace the section, completely resolving the problem.

Fascia and Soffit Replacement Repairs

Fascia and soffit enhance the beauty of your home, while providing ventilation to help eliminate ice buildup. Our soffit repair 2 soffit repair 3 soffit repairaluminum fascia comes in a variety of colors to compliment your home. We custom-bend all fascia to fit your roofs eaves. Soffits are available in vinyl or aluminum. If the current fascia and soffit on your home are damaged or in need of minor repairs, we are often able to work with existing materials to correct the problem.

Fascia board is an important part of hanging gutters. It needs to be strong and intact to keep your gutters up and functioning. Leaks in a roof or old age can deteriorate the fascia board requiring us to cut out and replace any portion that needs it.

Cut and Drop

If hanging your own gutters makes you happy we have the solution with our Cut and Drop Service. JCH Seamless cut and dropGutters inc. will meet with you and together we can determine pricing and materials you’ll need for installation. We will work with you to choose the right color and size that best suits your home. We provide you with all materials and can answer any question you may have. Or you can call us up with your measurements and we will drop off the desired length of gutter and downspout to your house. This option saves money and provides the homeowner with the pride of installing their own gutters. This option is great for both homeowners and contractors.

Important: If you choose this option you lose our workmanship warranty.